Chill Lax Pod™

Expedite post-exercise recovery, enhance performance, and make faster progress.

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Simple but Effective

Experience the versatility of our innovative design, serving as both a permanent ice bath and a portable solution. The 5 Thermal Layer thickness ensures prolonged cold retention, allowing you to enjoy refreshing temperatures for extended periods.

Thermal Lid

We include our Chill Lax Thermo™ Insulated Lid as a standard, designed to create a thermal bridge between the ice bath water and the external elements.

Unmatched Portability

No more restrictions on where and when you can experience the wonders of cold therapy. From the mountains to the beaches, from the gym to your backyard, unlock the potential of a truly versatile and accessible wellness solution.

Get your portable ice bath today and experience the transformation in your physical and mental well-being wherever life takes you.